Curly hair straightening that the owner himself is good at.

After a hair diagnosis, it is a carefully curly hair straightening that does not look like a "curly hair straightening" that suppresses damage with chemicals that correspond to the hair type.

Not only in Kumamoto, but also in Japan, we are one of the few* certified salons for straightening hair.

Please feel free to contact us about unruly hair, curly hair, bristle, thick hair, failure of curly hair straightening at other stores, etc.

*We recommend starting at 9:00, 13:00, and 17:00 as the menu is long and sticky.
If you can only come to the store on Saturdays and Sundays, we will be happy to consult with you.
Guests who are coloring will be straightened after coloring.

Curly hair straightening for new clients ¥22,000~(tax in)
Stopan straightening hair ¥20,000~(tax in
Basic retouch commitment curly hair straightening short¥16,000~long¥19,000(tax in
Revive hair straightening +¥5,000~(tax in
Bangs straightening ¥5,500~(tax in
Bangs stopper ¥6,000~(tax in

Commitment to hair straightening by Hair Juice

“Hair Juice’s hair straightening minimizes damage to the hair, so basically we recommend retouching straightening at the roots. Hair straightening can only be booked on weekdays from the day before. 9:00 , 13:00, 17:00.
Hair straightening treatments take time.

Your hair is damaged and you can’t fix it… don’t give up
Hair juice hair straightening power up.

Haven’t you ever had a problem with straightening/straightening perm, then gradually getting damaged, and then straightening/straightening perm again with damaged hair ends?

The first time I tried it, it was smooth, but the second and third time it got worse and worse.
At another store, I was told that it’s no good…
Maybe it can be repaired. Please do not give up and feel free to contact us.

Dear hair, I will do my best. Just because I’m good at it doesn’t mean I’m an expert.
I’m also good at other menus, so I’m looking forward to seeing you