About Hair Juice Cut

We provide easy-to-care hairstyles for both men and women according to their bone structure.
It is a cozy space where you can go with your family.

men cut

・Cleansing shampoo ・Facial shaving ・Lotion pack ・Paradise massage included

¥4,800(TAX in)
cut only ¥4,000(TAX in)
fade cut ¥5,300(TAX in)
ladies cut ¥4,000(TAX in)
University/vocational school student

☆Men: Optional
・Eyebrow cut, eyebrow shaving ¥0
・Facial shaving plus ¥200
・Face sledding with face cleansing plus ¥400

¥3,500(TAX in)
high school student

☆ Men: Optional ・Eyebrow trimming, eyebrow shaving, hair shaving ¥0

¥3,000(TAX in)
middle school cut ¥2,500(TAX in)
elementary school student cut ¥2,200(TAX in)
bangs cut ¥500(TAX in)